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The Morning and the Evening Stars

The Morning and the Evening Stars

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shadow play by jweir
I have a show tomorrow with two very talented artists.

I have been working with layouts a lot lately. The above flyer, a new business card, and I am designing the card for "Dark Bohemian Carnival" which takes place January 2nd. I'm thinking of putting together a graphic design portfolio for myself, because over the years I have done a lot and I do have fun with it.

I finished my commission's for Doris. I am getting them back, she passed away a couple months ago which is sad. She was fiery and intelligent. It will however be good to see my paintings again, their like old friends.

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    • It went really well. A lot of people came despite it being an off night. I didn't take any pictures, but Lisa (one of the other artists) did and sent me some pictures. I'm going to load them right now.
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