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Where in the art have I been?

Where in the art have I been?

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Its been some time since I have posted in here.

Many many changes in my life all of them positive. More changes in my art life since the last post as well.

• I finished the "War of the Worlds" and have titled it "Holst". Its so beautiful.

• I started working on a painting, that I am going to title "Overwhelming Obstacles". I love the composition so far. It is a diner scene of a mutant octopus having lunch with a young maiden. Everything is going to be painted in a way that obstructs the beast. Even the young maiden is going to be looking elsewhere. I'm having a lot of fun with the concept, and have it all blocked in. I'm starting to get to the detail and glazing work.

• I've also been working on my sketches of Chief Matote and Chief Joseph portraits, and now that I have my thumbs all figured out I have been working on my sketches, which are almost finished pieces in by themselves.

• Last... but most exciting, I have a piece in a large group show at the gallery Launchpad in SE Portland. The show is called "Secrets". There is some really very interesting and diverse work in there, really all ranges and mediums in one space. Its is fun to look.

Here are some pictures from last nights opening:)

My piece "The Demise of Miss Muffet"

Artist Carolina Medina-Dupaix's portrait on the top left.
  • Have I ever told you you look just like the girl from the Labyrinth? ::hus::
    you ink drawing of miss muffet's demise will be safe and sound if you ever chose to take it out of the 'gallery' in my living room <3 <3
  • the demise of miss muffet is still safe and sound above the couch. she is your whenever you want ...duh... but it the mean time I look upon it foundly. love ~ C
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