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So much to do!

So much to do!

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work from the six swans series
I finally got to paint in the studio. I just prepped an encaustic piece but it is a start. Its just so nice to melt the wax and get started. I love the transformation from a sticky soft to a glassy hard surface. To slide my carving tools across the surface, drawing.
Taking the wax and watching it melt
all over again. Little waste.

Here are my works in progress:

This used to be part of the Miss Corpus diptych. Took out the background which always bothered me. The background is almost done, I have more glazing especially in the right corner and middle. Now I am redoing her face, to make it more sculptural. Need to make aliens more alien:)

Our studio. This is a couple weeks old. Its gotten better in there. Still setting up, but once I am there it is pretty easy to work in there. There is this cat that was hanging around tonight, so cute and friendly, I was getting my pet fix.

Then there is me. A never ending process.
  • Yeah, it´s so good to see your work! I´ve always wanted to get into encaustic, but never got off my ass to find myself a hot plate....Keep it up!
  • you are so beautiful. i just had to say.
    ~ C
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