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No sleep tonight

No sleep tonight

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joyce carol oates
I hate my lack of time. Up again working away. I didn't get started until eleven pm tonight, grrr. I do love however working on two paintings at once. Both so very different. One to go directly to a private collection, the other I am going to showcase at a bar in SE Portland next month. The one about war of the worlds, the other portrait growing out of the canvas. The colors are really working together. I get tired of one and move on to the next. I must say these are both taking me a lot of time to do.

The portrait is getting pretty realistic. I don't like painting like this all the time but I am enjoying the exercise and am picking up some new tricks. Its good to really truley look at something or someone.

The one on war of the worlds is a revamp of an old one, the only thing the same besides a few splotches of color, is the hair. All else is gone, buried in blue, and metallic ships. It sounds so cheezy, and is in part inspired by pulp sci-fi covers, but Its lookin pretty good. I have lot more to do. face. arm. sky lights. snow. jacket. ship detail.

I can't wait til I actually have a day off to work on my art.
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